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Principal's Page

Dear Summit School Families,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. We are excited to let you know we will again have class sizes of 17 students in our K – 3 classrooms. This is a great benefit for our students. We thank Washington State and CVSD for their commitment to this. We currently have a number of great things happening. This summer we will be getting a new electronic reader board. This will be another way to get messages out to our parents and our local community. We will also have all of our LCD projectors mounted on the ceilings in the classrooms. This will allow for easier presentation of our lessons. We want to thank CVSD for these great tools.

Summit’s staff will continue its work in the area of using assessment to improve learning and instruction. Additionally, the district will continue to support us as we pilot the Student Centered Coaching Model to improve student outcomes. We will also continue to integrate technology into the learning process. Our K-2 students have access to iPads and our students in grades 3 – 8 use our Chromebooks.

During planning and collaboration time, teachers in all grades will be working on further implementation of our English/Language Arts EL modules that we have adopted as our curriculum. We are excited about this new path. We see it as a way to rebuild our expeditions. We will also be working on improving our math instruction. Last year, we worked closely with our district math coordinator on some new strategies. We plan to continue this partnership again this year. Collaboration time also allows our staff to share ideas for instructional improvement, giving students access to the strengths of all teachers. By working together instead of in isolation, a sense of shared responsibility and accountability is created, focusing on the success of each student.

The staff members at Summit know how important our families are to the success of the school. Your support throughout the year is integral in the success of our students. Without the great parent support, we could not have the expeditions and adventure activities that we enjoy. We thank you for this past support and in advance of the support you will give this year.

Our entire staff is dedicated to improving student learning for all our students. Our teachers collaborate together to design engaging expeditions and lessons to meet the needs of all students. We will have intervention and extension plans in place for students. Our task is to find each student’s skill level and take them forward from there. To be successful we need to partner with you, the families of our students. We must keep the communication flowing between school and home. We need your support as we ask students to practice skills at home. At Summit, we have high expectations for all students. We have even higher expectations for ourselves. We are honored that you trust us with your children’s education.



Walt Clemons
Principal, Summit School