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Middle School "Voyagers"

Summit “Middle School” Voyagers

Summit School is a K-8 school that provides the opportunity for your students to navigate the Middle School Years in a smaller close knit community.  What are some of the benefits that our middle school environment might provide for your student? 

K-8 Involvement and total size of middle school:
approx. 135 students versus 500-600

  • Builds compassion, increases understanding, develops leadership, and encourages contributions for the good of society
  • Provides a more supportive and safer environment for the pre-teen/teen years

Muzee Adventure  

Long Term Environment/Size/Culture

Daily meetings to support everyone’s learning and growth:


  • Creates a strong connection between students, parents, teachers, and administrators 
  • Building meaningful relationships with peers and becoming crew leader
  • Students reflect on & monitor academic progress
  • Focus on academic progress

Curriculum at Summit Middle School

  • EL model of curriculum and pedagogy 
  • Science, ELA, History 
  • Math aligned with district curriculum, including algebra
  • EL expeditions have case studies, real-world authentic  learning experiences, and projects.
  • EL pedagogy and curriculum focuses on depth rather than breadth.
  • Standards-based education (all CVSD schools)

Field Work at Summit Middle School  

  • Field work (different from field trips) is embedded with purpose in the curriculum and takes students out of the classroom to interact with real-world professionals.

Grand Coulee Dam or other local dams- Energy

Hiawatha Trail - The Big Burn and Forestry

Cataldo Mission - Westward Expansion

WasteWater Treatment Plant- Clean Water
Riverkeeper Partnership - Environmental
Garden - Food and Service  Studies
Refugee Immigration Simulation
Water Safety - Canoeing

   Outdoor Ed

Adventure Program

Scaffolded Design 

  • Gets students out of comfort zones for personal
    growth in character and grit
  • Through shared challenges, adversity, failure, and success, students discover and develop new skills

Events and Team Building

  • Fall overnighter, Hiawatha Trail, snowshoeing, X-Country skiing, ice-skating, spring overnighter, low ropes, high ropes, and more
Bike Selfie  

Electives and Extracurricular

Electives offered at Summit 

  • Electives vary by year
  • Past offerings:

Yearbook and Digital Arts, leadership, short stories, book club, computer programming, outdoor skills, Holocaust

Clubs and Activities

  • Debate, Fit for Bloomsday,  Yearbook and Digital Arts, Intramural Volleyball, Cabinet/ASB

After School Sports

  • All sports offered through North Pines
  • Many Summit students awarded athlete of the year at North Pines
  • Students can participate at home school with parent transport

Transition to High School and Beyond

Successful Students 

Summit students are successful at the next level in any setting.

  • SVT: award winning 
  • CV and UHigh: leadership, athletics, the arts
  • Honors and AP transition 
  • UHigh: AVID program
Download and print our Middle School Flyer below.