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Drop-Off & Pick Up

  • If you are dropping off on McCabe, please have your child(ren) exit the vehicle so they are on the west side of McCabe. We don’t want them crossing McCabe while cars are moving through.
  • When dropping off on Blake, adjacent to the playground, have students exit the vehicle so they are on the west side of the road and right at the gate.
  •  When dropping off or picking up in the valet line, please be aware of the traffic at all times and be ready to move forward when the lines moves.
  •  When picking up on McCabe, please be sure not to block driveways or mail boxes when parking or waiting. I’ve been told that you must leave five feet between your vehicle and a mail box when parking. We want to be courteous neighbors to our surrounding community.
  • We found that Blake has become a popular place for pick up. Having students enter Blake through the gate with all of this traffic is a huge safety concern for us. We will have a supervisor at this gate to supervise students. We are asking parents to park and meet their child(ren) at the gate, so they can escort them to their vehicle.
  •  We will use the far north pavement area for additional staff parking to allow for more spaces for parents and visitors in the southern section of the west lot. This will give us approximately the same number of paved parking slots that we had at the previous site.
  • When dropping off and picking up in the gravel parking lot adjacent to the west parking lot, we would like to create a one way flow that is efficient and safe. Below is a map showing a designated driveway adjacent to the sidewalk, one lane of parking along the fence line and double rows between these cars and the exit driveway. Beyond a designated exit driveway we will have single row parking onto the grass area.