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What makes Summit School Different?

Summit School is a choice school Serving K-8 students in Central Valley School District.  
Check out our brochure to learn more.   Summit School Brochure.pdf

Learning at Summit
Our curriculum is organized into three to  four interdisciplinary units per year  which are growing into expeditions. EL  expeditions have case studies, real- world, authentic learning experiences,  and projects that lead to high-quality  products. In our curriculum design, we  value stewardship of the earth and  protecting human rights.

Students conduct field work. Field work  (different than field trips) is embedded  with purpose in the curriculum and takes  students out of the classroom to interact  with real-world professionals and people  in our community.
Students, teachers and parents are  members of a CREW at Summit. CREW is  symbolic of everyone working together to  meet common goals. It also stands for our  four character traits: Compassion,  Responsibility, Enthusiasm, and  Wonder. Through portfolios, crew  meetings, and lesson debriefs, students  focus and reflect on the impact their  character has on their work and  collaboration.
Our Adventure Program intentionally  builds as students grow older; from  Kindergarten Day Camp to multiple  overnight experiences for our older  students. This program facilitates culture  in student groups, creates collaboration,  and plays a role in our rites of passage for  students.