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Invigorating Instruction

Summit School’s Instructional Model- Summit School’s Instructional model is unique.  Below are  examples of instructional strategies and how we are working as a school to make all our learning have a rigor that brings out the best in all students, cultivating a culture of high achievement.


Birds Expedition  

Expeditionary Learning Protocols:

What are protocols?

A protocol consists of agreed upon guidelines for reading, recording, discussing, or reporting that ensure equal participation and accountability. When everyone understands and agrees to using the procedures of the protocol, participants are able to work more effectively both independently and collaboratively, often in ways they are not in the habit of doing. Protocols hold each student accountable and responsible for learning. They teach students how to lead their own learning.


Culminating Events/ Celebrations of Learning: 

These events are organized by grade level or class and are designed for students, teachers, family members, and community members to celebrate learning. These often take place at the end of an expedition and showcase high-quality work that students have completed. 

  Weather Expo

Invigorating Instruction
Our classrooms are alive with discovery, inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. Teachers talk less. Students talk (and think) more. Lessons have explicit purpose, guided by learning targets for which students take ownership and responsibility. Student engagement strategies and activities serve to differentiate instruction and maintain high expectations to bring out the best in all students, cultivating a culture of high achievement.