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Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

All About Summit PAC


This motto is what sets the standard for Summit and makes our school different. “WE ARE CREW” is teaching our children to participate and engage in all aspects of their learning. CREW begins with PARENT INVOLVEMENT. It is so important for Summit to feel the support by ALL of its Families in one area or another. The Expeditionary and Field Work learning our children get to take part in is amazing and requires many hands! 

PAC Mission Statement

To promote the belief that education of children is the shared responsibility of families, school, and communities; with an environment which provides a collaborative community celebrating children’s natural curiosity in their quest for knowledge, wellness, and service opportunities on their journey to the summit; and to receive gifts, endowments, or bequests to be used to promote the well-being and education of children in the school, home, and community. 

What Does PAC stand for & Who Belongs to PAC? 

-Parent and Activities Crew

-ALL participating Summit parents and the elected board members. Summit parents can become voting members by filling out a membership form.

What does PAC do? 

-PAC is primarily a fundraising organization created to support our teachers and students by raising money to fund Summit’s Expeditionary Learning, Field Work and Adventure. PAC also sponsors/funds whole school events such as monthly Community Events, Run for Summit Fund Run, Flower Basket Sales, and a Spring Event.

How to communicate with us?

-Email Summit PAC with questions and ideas: [email protected]